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    TEKNI , the brand assumes the mild posture to give forth inside-out beauty . It is fine sculpted details of furniture as the deep elegance and charm from the aesthetic assistance, the ingenious artisans, rigorous material selection and every detail of process for our products. TEKNI originates from ancient Greek "TEKHNE"--it means “art”. Its parlance now is -The ideas of art and technology practice of any given culture. TEKHNE represents the highest peak of "Arts and Crafts" history. We named TEKNI as our brand is for pursuing the creative spirit to be our goal of the symbol.

    Words aren’t necessary, accessories are redundant; true classic silently and slightly presenting its tastefulness.

    Highly focus in extreme caution in the atmosphere, For TEKNI , the experiential artisans who infuse their emotion to focus on every detail, along with their ingenious workmanship and attitude toward the life devotion to create each set of furniture for achieving the absolute perfection .

    Leather is often used for TEKNI to assume the savor of the furnoture. Its fragrance, flexibility, stoutness and gloss, all of them just stimulate infinite vitality for TEKNI.
    Meanwhile, logs possess the natural and unique texture for the gentle touch , it is to assume the supporter of the energy to the simple life for TEKNI.
    Stir your instinct of the touch, evoking your memories of smell with the pure sense to the experience beauty in a status of beginning life. It is no need thinking with the brain, but feeling with the body.

    “People who are the subjects of living space at home,"  the phrase from the brand of founder always reminds us to endue TEKNI spirit to be much closer to consumer needed for home space, and always implement the thought of “beauty” in our life concretely, so the simple space of the brand peculiarity assumes fully and possesses the degage comfort to perfect our daily life. It seems that you could read the personality and life of the owner.

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    Best & Chunlin Furniture Co., Ltd. has established since 1993 for accumulated more than 20-year experience in research and development of furniture manufacturing. The founder, Mr. Chun Lin Yu adheres to the enthusiasm of the furniture market, and stems from his love of the growing- up land of profound friendship, he keeps core technology in Taiwan and assembles the veteran masters who have cumulated 30-year experience with ingenious workmanship and high quality standards. Towards materials, fine technique, strict control of the workflow.We fully absorb in the pursuit of innovative design of wooden furniture, and we believe that we can promote traditional furniture industry and cultural continuity to achieve the best level through creating our own brand.

    In 2014 we set up our own brand  “elwood” with solid wood furniture to enter the international market, the guarding of advocate simple design to adjoin our life. We exert the flexibility of the wood and the modernity of metal ironworks to merge together traditional crafts and lifestyle to reflect the simple and noble concept of life.


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    Phoenix is the brand that will transfer the phoenix spirit of ancient Greek to the happiness of home. Best & Chunlin introduced the Taiwanese own brand “Phoenix” in 2005. We wish we could bring the happiness to the customers with sustainable development.

    Phoenix always focuses on one thing: To keep the happiness for whole life. We wish to follow the spirit of phoenix, inherit the sustainable concept and enhance the humanity culture. Through our furniture, it can present the delicate craft of our 30-year-experienced artisan. Happiness living is the core concept of Phoenix, we sincerely know that home is the most important place for people, people is the main content of home! Our product design not only focuses on functionality and appearance but also the sustainability of our environment. Take care of every natural resource and bring life to every furniture.  

    Phoenix has various styles. “Creation, joy, and mix” are our core design value and work with prefect materials and delicate craft. The best quality with boundless design idea. “Your Living Style! Your Call!”

    Phoenix addresses agility and mobility, no matter for set of product or unique piece. User can demonstrate own style by different arrangement; each space is the area of free imagination. Live should be fulfilled with creation, passionate and emotion. In recent years, the brand design is getting more and more younger. In the end of 2013, we started the brand cooperation with European band “Kavadra”. We communicate and work together for improving our experience, skill, craft and design. We wish we can improve Phoenix brand image as Taiwanese brand.  

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    Lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS) is the popular living concept in Taiwan. Best & Chunlin Company always insists to follow the concept of “Reduce carbon emission” and “Green living”. We decide to cooperate with KOO International from Spain when we met each other in an international business exhibition due to KOO has the same concept like us. We both care environmental issue and use the material from recyclable forest (Plan forest).

    KOO International is one of the best modern furniture brands in Spain; it is well known for producing high-tech cushion furniture. The material of cushion of KOO’s sofa is natural emulsion which is the latest products BIOGREEN® and BIOBAMBOO® with aloe essence from Vefer. The material does not contain CFC and will not harm the environment and people’s health.  The product quality passes the AIDIMA strict test and comply all the Spain and European requirement standard. 

    We featured several KOO International popular electric functional sofas from Europe with great design to resolve the pressure and weary of modern life. KOO International adopts different cushions for different part of sofa by considering kinesiology for sensitive back, buttocks and vulnerable waist. The electric function uses the European mode motor and quiet continuously adjustment (Use 110V Taiwan voltage). You can easily to get the most comfortable relaxation position. Modern appearance and comfortable design can bring the first class enjoyment and your unique savoring in your home.

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         Based in Valencia, Gamamobel® is a trademark born in the 70's and belonging to a family business that specializes since its creation in the production of furniture and upholstery.

         The history of Gamamobel® starts with Mr. Juan Jose Sanchis Toledo, the founder and an entrepreneur with a wide experience in the manufacture of upholstered furniture. He sets up the company in Beniparrell (Valencia) Spain and begins this new adventure with a very clear aim: to  internationalize the company offering quality products at competitive prices.

         Gamamobel has one of the best factories specialized in the manufacture of sofas and armchairs in Europe. It applies modern technology to its pieces and continuously looks for improvements to offer comfort and flexibility. It is Gamamobel’s innovative approach and desire to produce the best furniture possible that gives the brand its competitive edge.

         「We have evolved by adapting to any time to customer needs as our goal is to offer a product that the market demands for the highest quality. 」
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    Artisan is formerly a factory has great passion to carpentries and with professional wood manufacturing experience in the furniture industry knows as Ćostović from Bosnia. Artisan was famous in high quality hand-made solid timber funirture. Insisting in hand-making is the way of making Artisan brand different than others.

    From a tree to a chair, it will go through a very complicate procedure which includes raw material selection, production, delicate decoration and packaging. Hands are the basic but the most important tool for carpentry. Each production section relies on artisan’s keen eyesight to exanimate and various quality controls. To describe more precisely, every furniture product is a hand-made artwork!