Best & Chunlin Furniture Co., Ltd. has established more than 20 years of professional experience to develop and design our furniture since 1993. The founder – Mr. Chunlin Yu upholds the company “Best & Chunlin” is an original brand in the field of Taiwan and it will always be. Under his enthusiasm and ideas, the company always designs the furniture to provide high quality products for customer service, the company is also affirmed by European and American markets. The core value of the company is sustainable development with four beliefs—“innovation, environmental protection, quality and service”. We have devoted our efforts to promote the international living aesthetics to domestic markets.  

         In 2005, Best & Chunlin starts to create our own brand in Taiwan---“PHOENIX” and reposition the marketing strategy in Taiwan. And then we launch new brands of development and marketing--“TEKNI” and “ELWOOD” in 2008 and 2011. Through the development of diversified brands is for being better to satisfy different consumer groups, and create more comfortable space to share with family members.

          In 2012, we launch the brand of cooperation with several international brands. We bring in the brand “ARTISAN”who manufactures solid timber of the furniture and the brand “KOO”who produces international electric functional sofas from Europe. We create our own brands and bring in the international brands into Taiwan market because we believe that we can learn how to elevate our own brands from these international brands. Therefore, to bring in the multi brands is necessary and win-win strategy between our customers and us. The founder of Best & Chunlin , Mr. Yu mentions “The quality of products not only depends on design, material choosing , good moral character but also customer satisfaction index..”

    Our managerial philosophy : Innovation, Environment Protection, Quality and Service”


    Fostering our team to have the fashionable sensitiveness to be trendsetters in the furniture industries in the domestic market.

         In order to catch the popular trends of the furniture in this rapid changing of the economic situation, we must learn new knowledge continuously. We make furniture not just for the products but also with the brand spirit and the human culture. We feel like showing the ethos of the furniture, not substance. We constantly design and develop furniture to cater to Taiwan market needs and our R&D team visits the exhibitions all over the world to gain the latest trends , think globally and bring in refreshing visional enjoyment to customers. 

    We follow the concept of “Green Piece” and select materials from the planned forest certified by Europe and U.S.A.

          Timber is the most common material for furniture and other suppliers. However, during the productive process, the economic activities always cause some damages to our environment, especially for using the materials from unsustainable natural forest. We select the materials from the planned and sustainable forest certified by Europe and U.S.A. to minimize the damage to protect our environment. WE LOVE OUR BEAUTUFUL EARTH WE LIVE IN!


    Captious techniques , strict quality control to every link.

         Our professional, productive team possesses excellent skills to make the furniture ingeniously about 30 year experiences. We are strict to control the quality for materials, structures and every processing to perfect our products. We feel like presenting the best products to our customers, therefore, we select premium natural leather, natural fabric and timber from sustainable forest certified by Europe and U.S.A. We use those materials to present our design and quality through the furniture.

    Listen to customers attentively .Comprehensive and professional service.

         Our ultimate goal is to fulfill our customer needs through our products. We would listen to you attentively about your ideas and needs to offer comprehensive, profound experienced and professional services to you. This is our promises to customers.




    自原始購買日起,在正常使用情況下,PHOENIX提供產品結構5年保固;皮革及布料面料,提供2年品質保證;泡棉填充物提供3年 品質保證。超過保固期,提供終身保修服務,並視整修處理情形向顧客酌收零件、工本費、運費等。

    興樺代理銷售之進口品牌商品 KOO、ARTISAN

    興 樺為您精心挑選的進口品牌商品KOO、ARTISAN,提供產品結構5年保固;自原始購買日起,在正常使用情況下,電動馬達提供2年保固;皮革及布料面 料,提供2年品質保證;泡棉填充物提供3年品質保證。超過保固期,提供終身保修服務,並視整修處理情形向顧客酌收 零件、工本費、運費等。

    興樺代理銷售之進口品牌商品 gamamobel

    興 樺為您精心挑選的進口品牌商品gamamobel,西班牙原廠提供產品結構3年保固;自原始購買日起,在正常使用情況下,電動馬達提供2年保固;布料面 料,提供2年品質保證;泡棉填充物提供3年品質保證。超過保固期,提供終身保修服務,並視整修處理情形向顧客酌收 零件、工本費、運費等。

    *  請您於購買日期二個月內上網登錄售後服務卡,或填妥隨出貨提供的會員回函卡,寄回或傳真回興樺以確保您的權利。在我們的售後服務卡中有詳細和完整的說明。